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Post by Rage Gamer on Thu Jun 18, 2015 4:28 pm

Shmexy GamingTTT

General rules:
No rdming of any sort
No ghosting
No spamming or harassing other players
No porn sprays
No claiming rooms (unless detective)
Don’t camp/delay of round (is slayable)
No prop surfing or prop killing even as a speck
Names must be readable/typeable
Shooting an explosive barrel without a 3 second countdown is kosable

There is NO such thing as rdm with a golden gun (unless traitor shoots traitor)
Killing a player without a valid KOS is slayable
Killing a Traitor is still rdm
Avoiding slay (leaving with slays) is a perma ban
Attempt of rdm is still slayable
Accidental rdm is and will be treated a rdm
Barrel rdm is a slay for 2 rounds
Killing afk’s (before overtime) is still rdm

Rules for innocents:
Only kill with a valid KOS
Don’t go against the detective's orders unless it is an invalid order
Only detectives can claim rooms
Don’t T-bait
Committing traitorous acts will come with consequences
Can only kill afk’s in overtime
No testing people with “spell innocent backwards” that is slayable
You may give 3 warnings to someone following you 10 seconds apart and if they don’t follow that then they are kosable

Rules for Detective
Still follow all the innocent rules
Don’t give invalid orders that will get people killed
Don’t ask for other peoples guns unless they took it from you
You may kill someone for not following a valid detectives order

Rules for Traitor
Don’t delay of round that is a waste of others time and slayable
No camping T room
No killing T buddies without their consent
Be aggressive, not defensive
You may kill your afk T buddies half way through the round at your own risk

NOTE: if you leave with any slays you will be perma banned
1 innocent= 1 slay
1 Traitor= 2 slays
Prop kill= 1 slay + slay for role of killed player
1 Detective = 2 slays

Mic spamming= immediate gag
Chat spam= immediate mute
Both= kick with a warning
Second time spamming: 3 hour ban
Spamming Admin chat will result in an immediate kick
The second time will result in a 24 hour ban

Disrespect of staff
1st time= warning
2nd time= kick
3rd time= 24 hour ban
4rth time = perma ban

If found with any sort of hack (walls, aimbot, flying, teleporting…) = perma ban
NOTE: It is always staff decision to be more lenient or harsh there are just guide lines

Map related Rules
Turning off the lights is Kos (Clue)
Charging the axe is Kosable (roof Tops)
Do not put prop at the bottom of the gun-shop(67th) or the ladder(pool). Each death caused by this will count as rdm
Don’t glitch the cars(67th) a kill caused by a glitched car is still rdm
Don’t put objects in teleporter of 67th doing so will result in a slay
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