Immortal's Mod Application

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Immortal's Mod Application Empty Immortal's Mod Application

Post by Immortal_ on Sat Nov 21, 2015 11:04 pm

In game name:Immortal_


Current rank:VIP+Operator

Any past experience?:A decent amount of experience

Willing to offer:My time to stop all the rdm'ers,mic spammers etc.

Information about yourself:I play on the server daily and everyone wuves me :3


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Immortal's Mod Application Empty Re: Immortal's Mod Application

Post by Rage Gamer on Fri Nov 27, 2015 2:12 pm

As I have already told you this via steam, I figured that I might as well just put it here as well...

this application is not one of the best i've seen. lacking a bit in detail, not to mention the short amount of time spent as operator before asking for a promotion. your age is also a factor, i dont want my higher staff to be all that young, not that you are much younger than i am, but it still reduces credibility... kinda... plus i did recommend not applying until at least the age of 14, which i allowed you to have operator before then, which i think was very kind of me

-taken directly from the conversation between me and immortal a few days ago where i was telling him that he should wait to apply for a higher rank.

Stay Shmexy <3 Rage
Rage Gamer
Rage Gamer

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